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Gentle Yoga Classes in a Beautiful Setting in Wolvercote, North Oxford

Regular Weekly Classes

My classes and suitable for people of various levels of fitness who want gentle classes in an entirely non-competitive atmosphere.

The classes are designed to bring you health, fitness, well being and peace of mind. I facilitate an accessible approach to yoga that is comfortable and enjoyable from your very first class.

I run six weekly classes in the Yoga Barn in Wolvercote, North Oxford from Monday to Friday.

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Live Classes and Live Stream

The classes are live streamed online so there's the option each week either to come to the live class in the Yoga Barn or online if you don't wish to travel on that particular day.

Spaces in the live classes are limited to 10 members in each class. Online only classes are limited to six spaces only so I can see the attendees clearly on my big screen. Online classes are delivered via the Zoom platform.

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Practice CD's

My audio programme Yoga for Busy People delivers a comprehensive practice programme, divided into time frames that suit busy people.

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Summer Classes in my Garden

During the period from 1st May to 30th September, when the weather is fine I lead sessions in our garden. These classes are on a pay as you come basis for those people who are not regular members of a class. The fee is currently £9.00 per class. You can apply to be on the email list for these classes to receive notification of when they are taking place. I decide which classes to run outside depending on the weather forecast at the beginning of each week. If you're planning to come, if there is any doubt about the weather please read your emails for confirmation that the class is running before setting out.

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The Teacher

I am one of Oxford's most experienced and highly regarded yoga teachers. I have been a teaching member of the British Wheel of Yoga for more than 40 years. Now aged 73, I find that my classes are growing up with me! Most people in my classes are over 50 and many are in there 60's, 70's and even 80's. There is a sprinkling of younger class members who like the gentle approach that I bring to the sessions.

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Robin outside the Yoga Barn

The Setting

My classes all take place in the Yoga Barn in Wolvercote, North Oxford. This is a converted Edwardian barn set in an orchard with superb views over Port Meadow to the spires of Oxford.

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The Barn From Outside

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View of Port Meadow From the Orchard

The Barn is a delightful space to practise. It is warm, comfortable, private and has a lovely atmosphere.

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Interior of the Barn

The Barn is within easy reach of Oxford, Kidlington, Witney, Wheatley, Botley, Long Hanborough and Bicester. There is ample parking within 2 minutes walk of the barn.

Directions will be sent to you when you confirm that you are coming to try a class.

The Classes

These classes integrate the four cornerstones of yoga:

  • postures
  • yogic breathing
  • relaxation
  • mindfulness

You leave feeling:
  • calm and relaxed
  • balanced and centered
  • energized
  • that you are moving more freely


I am very experienced at integrating beginners into mixed ability classes. If you're a beginner you'll be made very welcome and I'm sure you'll be pleased to discover that yoga is not difficult. You can enjoy the postures and exercises and benefit from them straight away.

(Please note I cannot accept beginners to join online only as I am unable to give you sufficient individual attention. )

Male Students

The majority of yoga students throughout the West are women. However, perhaps because I'm a male teacher, there is a healthy sprinkling of men in all my classes. So if you're male, over 50 (or perhaps feel over 50!) and a beginner, and and maybe feel you are rather stiff, please get in touch. In many ways you have most to gain from yoga. I'll make sure that you feel comfortable in the class and that you enjoy and benefit from the sessions.

For more information about content of my classes click here.

Size of the Classes

The average attendance at any one class is around 8 members coming to the live session and 4 to 6 members coming to the live stream. Because my live classes are relatively small I am able to give each member the individual attention they deserve.

(n,b. I am not able to give the same level of attention to people coming online, so coming online is only possible for people who are reasonably experienced practitioners.)


You pay £9.00 for your first trial class. If you decide to join you pay £90 for a block of 10 classes and continue to buy blocks of 10 for as long as you continue to be a member of the class. Because of the relatively small venue and class numbers I am not able to operate on a pay-as you-attend basis. I regret that I don't roll over any missed sessions from one block of ten to the next. I can however do my best to arrange for you to come at another time if you have to miss your regular slot, subject to availability. If you can't come to an alternative class you will receive a link to the week's recorded session online which you can practise with at home in your own time.

If you have any questions or to enquire about availability click here


Core Strength

We have an inner core and an outer core. The outer core is around the waist, the abdominal muscles and the muscles that support the lower back. The inner core is the diaphragm, and the pelvic floor.

Core strength is an essential part of good posture. Without it we tend to slump. Sitting for some time without support for the back can be very uncomfortable, indeed impossible without sufficient core strength. There are a variety of postures and exercises that we practise in the classes to develop outer core strength these include: The Boat Pose, yoga sit ups, Supine leg Raise and cycling the knees

The repertoire of exercises that develop inner core strength is limited.
The key ones are:

Uddiana Bhanda
Draw the navel and belly in towards the spine. Breathe lightly into your chest so that you can keep the navel and belly drawing in.

Strengthens the abdominal muscles.

Trims the waist.

Mulha Bandha
Give a light squeeze to the muscles that control bladder and bowels as we do sometimes if we need to go to the loo. Make sure it is a light squeeze and not a clench. You’ll feel the pelvic floor tightens and the sensation is that you are zipping it up.

In later life weakness in the pelvic floor can cause distressing incontinence issues. Much better not to wait for this to happen before you practise Mulha Bandha!
You can practise mulha bandha almost anywhere, for instance standing in a queue or waiting for a kettle to boil.

(In Pilates the combination of Mulha Bandha and Uddiana Banda is known as "Zip and Tuck")

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