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Regular Classes in a Beautiful Setting in Wolvercote, North Oxford

Kindly note during the coronavirus period I'm running hybrid classes where members come one week face to face, the other week online. So members come fortnightly to a live class and fortnightly online.
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This autumn through October/November I am leading classes on the lawn in our lovely garden over looking Port Meadow. These will be on Thursday or Friday mornings, depending on which day has the best forecast.

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My classes are for people of all ages and levels of fitness, designed to bring you health, fitness, well being and peace of mind. I facilitate an accessible approach to yoga that is comfortable and enjoyable from your very first class.

I run eight weekly classes in the Yoga Barn in Wolvercote, N. Oxford
from Monday to Thursday.

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Bi Monthly Yoga Saturdays

Enjoy a day's yoga with me and a colleague teacher in a lovely setting.

Sadly I'm not running these yoga days until the COVID crisis is over.

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Practice CD's

My audio programme Yoga for Busy People delivers a comprehensive practice programme, divided into time frames that suit busy people.

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The Teacher

I am one of Oxford's most experienced and highly regarded yoga teachers. I have been a teaching member of the British Wheel of Yoga for more than 35 years.

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Home. robin outside the yoga barn

Robin outside the Yoga Barn

The Setting

My classes all take place in the Yoga Barn in Wolvercote, North Oxford. This is a converted Edwardian barn set in an orchard with superb views over Port Meadow to the spires of Oxford.

Home. barn from outside

The Barn From Outside

Home. horses port meadow

View of Port Meadow From the Orchard

The Barn is a delightful space to practise. It is warm, comfortable, private and has a lovely atmosphere.

Home. interior of the yoga barn

Interior of the Barn

The Barn is within easy reach of Oxford, Kidlington, Witney, Wheatley, Botley, Long Hanborough and Bicester. There is ample parking within 2 minutes walk of the barn.

Directions will be sent to you when you confirm that you are coming to try a class.

The Classes

The classes integrate the four cornerstones of yoga:

  • postures
  • yogic breathing
  • relaxation
  • mindfulness

You leave feeling:
  • calm and relaxed
  • balanced and centered
  • energized
  • that you are moving more freely

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I am very experienced at integrating beginners into mixed ability classes. If you're a beginner you'll be made very welcome and I'm sure you'll be pleased to discover that yoga is not difficult. You can enjoy the postures and exercises and benefit from them straight away.

Over 50's

Over 50's are welcome in all the mixed ability classes. Two classes on Monday and Thursday mornings are specifically for this age group.

Male Students

The majority of yoga students throughout the West are women. However, perhaps because I'm a male teacher, there is a healthy sprinkling of men in all my classes. So if you're male and a beginner and perhaps recognize that you are rather stiff, please get in touch. In many ways you have most to gain from yoga. I'll make sure that you feel comfortable in your class and that you enjoy and benefit from the sessions.

Size of the Classes

I take 13 people on the register for each class. The average attendance at any one class is around 8 -10. Because my classes are relatively small I am able to give each member the individual attention they deserve.


You pay £8.00 for your first trial class. If you decide to join you pay £48 for a block of six classes and continue to buy blocks of six for as long as you continue to be a member of the class. Because of the relatively small venue and class numbers I am not able to operate on a pay-as you-attend basis. I regret that I don't roll over any missed sessions from one block of six to the next. I can however do my best to arrange for you to come at another time if you have to miss your regular slot, subject to availability.

If you have any questions or wish to enquire about availability please click here


How do you benefit from yoga?

FOR OVER 2,000 YEARS yoga has helped millions of people enjoy good health and vitality well into old age. It’s brought them well-being and peace of mind throughout their lives. These priceless rewards don’t depend so much on the form or style of yoga you practise, or on your ability to perform challenging postures. They depend much more on how sensitively and how regularly you practise.
When you practise yoga regularly you become supple, flexible, strong, and fit. You move gracefully and have good posture. You look better because you gain firm muscle tone, bright eyes and a clear complexion. This, combined with good posture and grace of movement, makes for a pleasing outward appearance.

Many people work hard and save for a comfortable retirement, only to find that when the time comes, failing health prevents them from enjoying it to the full. When you practise yoga regularly, you maximize your chance of remaining flexible, fit and vigorous well into your eighties, allowing you to enjoy a full and active retirement.

Yogic breathing develops deeper, freer breathing. ‘Breath is life’, and as correct breathing, learned through yoga, becomes more habitual, your energy levels and your health can improve radically.

Stretching muscles in yoga postures helps them to relax. Deep relaxation is a key ingredient of yoga and is conducive to deep, refreshing sleep. Yoga also calms the mind. When your mind is calm and still you concentrate and focus well. When you’re calm and poised, you’re also less prone to accidents. The improvements to your health and the ability to relax deeply that come with yoga make you more resilient. Even in times of crisis you can learn to ‘switch off’ and achieve a measure of restorative relaxation.

Where many forms of exercise make you fit, they can also be tiring. Yoga is energizing. You practise not just to get fit, but also to ‘recharge your batteries’. The energizing, relaxing and balancing effect of yoga all serve to boost the immune system, helping it to prevent and fight illness and disease. There is a substantial list of illnesses now acknowledged by the medical profession as being psychosomatic. The calming effect of yoga helps to heal and prevent psychosomatic illnesses and symptoms.

Deep relaxation, so central to yoga, feeds into your daily life, reducing your stress level and making you more relaxed generally. One of yoga’s prime rewards is a sense of feeling comfortable in your body. This is not just an absence of discomfort but a positive sense of well-being.

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