About my Classes



'Yoga is the union of the mind, the body and the breath.'
T.V. Desicachar

Every class provides a good work out for the body with a wide variety of stretching and strengthening postures. These are balanced with restorative postures and with deep relaxation. The intelligent use of breath in the postures, particularly the tension release that goes with the out breath, provides the all important link between body and mind.The magic of yoga practised in this way is that you leave the class feeling you've had a good work out, but at the same time feeling rested, centered and at peace.

Each class includes:

  • Warming up exercises and loosening exercises

  • A balanced selection of yoga postures including stretches, strengthening postures, restorative postures and balances.

  • Particular focus on one or two postures or exercises. Working with these to deepen our understanding and improve our practice of them

  • At least one flowing sequence of postures (vinyassa flow)

  • An interlude of stillness to practice a simple meditation or yogic breathing

  • An interlude of deep relaxation

The content of the classes varies each week but there is also repetition. Postures and exercises come round again and again. However, there all sorts of ways in which we can engage ourselves with what we are doing to keep it fresh and interesting. We approach the same postures in subtly different ways.

The atmosphere of the classes is friendly and informal, non-competitive and supportive. I encourage and welcome questions and discussion during the classes.
I'm usually available before or after a class to respond to any individual concerns or questions you may have in relation to the class or your own practice.


Students who want to practise at home may purchase practice CDs.


Most regular yoga classes throughout the UK are made up of students who differ considerably in their suppleness, fitness and experience. Teachers respond to this challenge in their own way.

In my classes all the major postures are introduced in stages. You don't progress to the next stage until you feel ready. If you don't feel ready, you simply repeat the previous stage. The benefits will flow to you at each stage, so it doesn't matter whether you progress quickly or slowly through the stages. Nor does it matter if you never do the completed posture. Our main goal in yoga is to promote health and well being, rather than achieve the completed form of postures.

If you are a beginner, this staged approach allows you to progress in your own time towards the completion of a posture. If you are more experienced and perhaps more supple, it allows you come into a posture gradually, giving your body time to relax into it.


The pace of these classes is relatively slow and most of the postures and sequences are accessible to less fit people. Each student is encouraged to adapt postures to suit their own needs. Supports are used in a way that helps each student feel comfortable in the postures.


You are welcome to come and try one class before buying a block of classes.
Cost 7.00

If you decide to join you pay 42 for a block of six classes
(i.e. 7.00 per class)

Directions to the barn will be sent to you when you confirm you are coming to your trial session.

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