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I’ve chosen a question and answer format to give you the information you need.

Are the Classes Suitable for Beginners?

Sadly not. I need to keep a special eye on beginners to make sure they are practising in safety and comfort and this can only be done effectively in a live class.

What are the days and times of the classes on offer?
Monday 7.30 pm
Tuesday 10.15 am
Tuesday 8.00 pm
Wednesday 10.00 am
Wednesday 7.45 pm
Thursday 6.30 pm
Each class runs for between one hour and a quarter and one hour and a half.

Which host platform are you using?
Zoom. No doubt many of you will be familiar with it. It’s very user friendly.

Are the Classes Private?
The classes are for members only, by subscription. They are live and interactive. Please rest assured they are not recorded so cannot be posted on the internet.
Subscription is limited to 13 members for each class just as they are when we meet in the yoga barn. All of you who sign up will be known to me either because you are a member of my regular classes or because you attend my yoga Saturdays. Each class will have many members who already know each other.

Can I only enrol in my regular class?
Those of you who come to my regular classes can either sign up for the time you’re used to or join another class if the time suits you better.

And what if I have to miss a class?
If, in a given week, you have to miss the class you’ve signed up to, you can come to another class that week (times are listed above). However for the sake of continuity you are encouraged to come, where possible, to your regular class.

How does the system work?
If you are not computer savvy, fear not! The Zoom platform is very user friendly. You don't need to download an app. You’ll receive an email from me at the beginning of each week inviting you to join your class. You simply click on the highlighted link and there you are on the platform. Three more clicks and there you are with me and your fellow class members, seeing and talking to each other as we assemble for the class!
When the time comes to start the class I’ll switch so that you can see and hear only me. However, I shall be able to see you and cue or help you if the need arises (I’ve invested in a large monitor screen so I can see you more clearly). At the end of the class I’ll switch us back to the mode where we can see and hear each other so that you can give feedback, ask questions and we can take leave of one another.

Can I come to a trial class to see how I get on?
I recommend that you do. If you’d like to try a class please email me and let me know which class you’d like to come to. I’ll reply with the link to join that class. When the time of your class approaches, you click on that link to arrive at the platform about 10 minutes before start time.

What if I’m insecure about the technical aspects of arriving at and using the Zoom platform for my trial class?
As well as the link to your first class, your acknowledgement email will include a step-by-step guide of how to proceed when you arrive at the Zoom platform.
However, if you feel you’d like individual support when you arrive at the platform please email me to request it. We can arrange for you to arrive 20 minutes before the class starts and I’ll be there to welcome you and help you. This way you’ll be settled in ready for the start time.
In the unlikely event that you experience any glitches arriving at the platform you can call me on 07479 192127.

What is the Cost?
Your trial class is £8. Should you decide to sign up you’ll buy a block of six sessions for £48. Co-habiting couples can share a space for £12 each class, i.e. £6 each.

What if restrictions are lifted during the current block of six sessions?
Naturally everybody all over the UK will want to get back to their regular live class soon as it is safe to do so. If this return to normality happens during a six week block you will receive a full refund for any online classes you miss.

What if I become ill?
I hope and trust you remain virus free. But should you succumb to it you will not be charged for any sessions you miss whilst you are unwell.

I hope this covers everything you need to know about the classes but please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

To enquire about the online classes please click here


'Yoga is the union of the mind, the body and the breath.'
T.V. Desicachar


The enrollment for each class is 13 with an average of around 10 members attending any one session.
This relatively small number allows me to give personal attention to each class member to make sure
that he or she is practising in a way that is enjoyable and beneficial to them.


Every class provides a good work out for the body with a wide variety of stretching and strengthening postures. These are balanced with restorative postures and with deep relaxation. The intelligent use of breath in the postures, particularly the tension release that goes with the out breath, provides the all important link between body and mind.The magic of yoga practised in this way is that you leave the class feeling you've had a good work out, but at the same time feeling rested, centered and at peace.

Each class includes:

  • Warming up exercises and loosening exercises

  • A balanced selection of yoga postures including stretches, strengthening postures, restorative postures and balances.

  • Particular focus on one or two postures or exercises. Working with these to deepen our understanding and improve our practice of them

  • At least one flowing sequence of postures (vinyassa flow)

  • An interlude of stillness to practice a simple meditation or yogic breathing

  • An interlude of deep relaxation

The content of the classes varies each week but there is also repetition. Postures and exercises come round again and again. However, there all sorts of ways in which we can engage ourselves with what we are doing to keep it fresh and interesting. We approach the same postures in subtly different ways.

The atmosphere of the classes is friendly and informal, non-competitive and supportive. I encourage and welcome questions and discussion during the classes. I'm usually available before or after a class to respond to any individual concerns or questions you may have in relation to the class or your own practice.


Most regular yoga classes throughout the UK are made up of students who differ considerably in their suppleness, fitness and experience. Teachers respond to this challenge in their own way.

In my classes all the major postures are introduced in stages. You don't progress to the next stage until you feel ready. If you don't feel ready, you simply repeat the previous stage. The benefits will flow to you at each stage, so it doesn't matter whether you progress quickly or slowly through the stages. Nor does it matter if you never do the completed posture. Our main goal in yoga is to promote health and well being, rather than achieve the completed form of postures.

If you are a beginner, this staged approach allows you to progress in your own time towards the completion of a posture. If you are more experienced and perhaps more supple, it allows you come into a posture gradually, giving your body time to relax into it.


The two classes for over 50's are gentle and especially accessible. Each class member is encouraged to adapt postures to suit their own needs. Supports are used in a way that helps each class member feel comfortable in the postures.


You are welcome to come and try a class (subject to availability), cost £8.00 .

If you decide to join you pay £48 for a block of six classes. You can keep buying blocks of six lessons for as long as you wish to remain in the class.

Directions to the barn will be sent to you when you confirm you are coming to your trial session.

For the schedule of classes please click here

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