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As we all know, we are legally allowed to be back in the barn, but the issue is not what we're allowed to do but what we feel comfortable with. I would suggest that six people in the barn at any one time is the maximum for the foreseeable future whilst we're living with Covid. The only way to achieve this is to split the class into two. You'd come to a live class one week and come online the following week. (Recorded sessions will also be available if you have to miss your class.) If you don't feel comfortable being in the barn at present, even in small groups, then you can come online only. In this case you are guaranteed a space in the live class when you do decide you feel safe enough to join us for live classes.

Below are some considerations that will make our classes as Covid safe as possible:

For everyone's peace of mind please confirm that you are fully vaccinated.

After a lot of research, I've invested in a hospital grade air sanitising unit which kills 99.9 percent of all airborne bacteria and viruses. It changes the air in the building 1.7 times an hour which is the recommended rate for maximum safety. The air in the room is drawn in through various filters and is exposed to ultraviolet light in the centre of the machine that zaps the viruses. The filtered air is then circulated around the room. The noise from the fans is about equivalent to the sound of a refrigerator.

Several of you have commented that wearing a mask would compromise the breathing which is such an essential element of our practice. In view of the fact that the air in the room will be constantly sanitised and that we are in small groups (never more than six and usually fewer) wearing a mask is not required, but of course if you prefer to wear one it's fine.

If you are at higher risk of contracting Covid, e.g. you look after children, travel on public transport etc., it would be appreciated it if you would take a lateral flow test on the day of the class.

You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat, but we will be sanitising the ones in the barn after each class.

Naturally we need to keep an eye on the Covid data. If the current trajectory continues we seem to be heading for another peak and if significant numbers of people who are double jabbed fall seriously ill we shall need to revert to online only for a while until the data shows an improvement.

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